Known Issues

Important update

All development effort has now re-focused on version 2. Current version is to remain perpetually available under the beta (free) license.
Visit for details.


Reported on Description Status
2010-10-15 Info panel not refreshing details requested
2010-10-17 Freeze-up, 100.000 file backup job resolved
2010-10-17 Not deleting (temporary?) files at destination withdrawn
2010-10-19 Filtering not working properly in progress
2010-10-22 'Run as administrator' does not work on x64 details requested
2010-10-27 Progress sits at 100% when copying tons of empty files in progress
2010-10-27 Clicking Go for a running job will run it again after completion resolved
2010-10-27 File copying speed calculation included scanning phase resolved
2010-10-30 Odd infinite cycling when scanning special folders in VSS snapshot in progress
2010-11-01 Cosmetic problem with "Help" menu item highlighting resolved
2010-11-01 "Run as administrator" option is grayed out when running under Standard User account resolved
2010-11-02 Handling of the "Destination is full" case needs revising pending
2010-11-09 Crash due to an unhandled exception details requested
2010-11-11 Application window disappears when "restored" details requested
2010-11-22 Obscure failure to change a timestamp of a file is not detected pending
2010-11-22 Folder timestamps are copied too soon in progress
2010-12-30 Crash (assertion failure) on restart if the pipe symbol is used in a file filter. in progress

Known Not Issues

  • Q: Any plans to add an option for backing up into a compressed archive or an FTP server?
    A: In short - no. See this post for extended rationale.

  • Q: Default installation on Vista/W7 directory is wrong, it should be C:\Program Files\Bvckup
    A: This is by design. When Bvckup setup is run under non-privileged account, it will not try and install itself in a system directory.